#1 Real Estate Investing Secret [do not forward]

Those of you that know me know I love working smarter, not harder. I am happy to say that thanks to my friend Cody my life just got a little easier. :-) I call my buddy Cody the 'Clever Investor'. Seriously, the guy is as sharp as a tack. He recently discovered a brand new way to do short sales BACKWARDS. He calls it the... Reverse Short Sale. Its pure genius. >> Click to learn the best kept secret in real estate. No more painful bank negotiations, no more finding buyers, no more government regulations. In other words... *** No more pain in the A$$ of normal short sales! *** Even better, you need absolutely no-money and there is absolutely NO competition. Cody made a video you can watch here, but he said he's not going to keep it up long. He seems pretty darn serious about sharing this with as few people as possible. I guarantee you have never seen anything like this before. Nobody has. Click here to learn how to do short sales the SMART way. >> Josh P.S. I would tell you more about what it is, but it wouldn't matter any way. You really just have to see for yourself.
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