The 80 Percent Rule of Real Estate Coaching

Hey guys, Josh here… And today, we’re heading back out into the field so I can show you another real deal I’m working on.
In case you didn’t know… at any given time, I have 12-15 different deals going. All of these houses are bought using other people’s money… And after it’s all said and done, all are expected to put a minimum of 40K profit into my pocket! How can I ensure that… while working on so many deals at once? It’s simple… I use The 80 Percent Rule of Real Estate Coaching. And in this free video, I explain exactly why it’s so important. P.S. Doing these kinds of deals is all about mastering a few simple steps. Once you learn the process, all you have to do is rinse and repeat. To learn the 5 step process I use go to If you want to start banking $40k+ on every Real Estate Investing deal you do using the only property flipping strategy you'll ever need to know go to  
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