From Start Up to $103 Million Man

My friend Brian is a $103 Million Dollar Man.....and we are going to show you how he raised $103 million dollars this week so you can do it too. This Wednesday I'll be interviewing one of the top CAPITAL RAISERS in the country. His name is Brian Stark. He's successfully raised over $103 Million dollars personally to fund real estate transactions for himself and his business partners. During the interview Brian and I will teach you how to raise $10 Million Dollars or more in the next 6 months for your real estate deals, commercial properties, business ventures and other start ups. Unless you have all the capital you'll ever need already and you are sitting on a pile of "dough", you should be on this interview so you can learn how to obtain all the capital you'll need. Register for the "Accelerated Investor: 103 Million Capital Raise" interview at 2pm eastern / 11am pacific here Register for the "Accelerated Investor: 103 Million Capital Raise" interview at 9pm eastern / 6pm pacific here Let me tell you why you'll want to hear this interview and apply the lessons you'll learn: *Brian is a Director of the Berkley Asset Management Fund, a $100 million dollar Private Metro NYC Real Estate Opportunity Fund for Accredited Investors which invests mainly in opportunistic and distressed real estate assets and debt instruments (I.E. "notes and mortgages"). *The Berkley Asset Management Fund buys properties where the total purchase price is between $10M and $35M like retail, hotels, commercial, multifamily, development, leasehold interests shooting for a 15-20% annual return. * Brian is a principal in Trustar Funding which is a private, direct real estate lender making loans to real estate investors on renovation housing and small commercial properties and has completed over 1,000 private real estate loans to investors. *He's a principal in ISM management which is a 3rd party property manager, managing hundreds of units of housing, multi-family apartments and commercial / office properties. *Brian owns New Millenium Construction which performs maintenance, repairs, comprehensive rehab and builds outs for landlords and rehab investors. *He hosts a weekly real estate radio show "The Stark Group Live, Talking Real Estate" which is in its 8th year. *Brian is the Founding Vice President of the Real Estate Investors Association of Cleveland *He's a Member of the Board of Trustees of the Cleveland Restoration Society This is going to be very exciting. Brian has over 20 years of direct real estate experience buying, selling, and FUNDING thousands of real estate transactions both residential and commercial. We will peal back the onion and get to the core of how to raise capital for your real estate deals. Don't miss this interview. Register for the "Accelerated Investor: Capital Raise" interview at 2pm eastern / 11am pacific here  OR Register for the "Accelerated Investor: Capital Raise 2" interview at 9pm eastern / 6pm pacific here Josh P.S. Whether you are new to real estate or a seasoned vet, capital is the name of the game in today's market. There are more than enough deals like reo's, short sales and foreclosures to go around BUT you won't be able to play the game unless you have access to cash. Don't miss out on this historic opportunity going on right now to achieve your financial goals thru real estate. Get all the money you'll ever need. Jump on this interview on Wednesday.    
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