"Game Changer" this Wednesday Night! Don't Miss Out!

The single most important announcement for any real estate investor - new or experienced - is going to take place this coming Wednesday (October 7) at 9:00 PM EST. If you're an investor who is trying to get off the ground, doesn't have much money, and your credit is shaky, Wednesday isn't just an important day, it's a day that is going to change the whole "game" of real estate investing for you. It's a "game changer" for sure. If you're an experienced investor this announcement will allow you to do twice as many deals without any money out of pocket from the leads you already have. Claim your spot NOW https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/189258569 What am I talking about exactly you ask? Here's a recap of a few of the amazing solutions that Greg and I will bring you on Wednesday night... Solution #1: - FHA Buyers: Need to hold a property for 90 days? No hard money lenders willing to give you the cash, have none of your own money, not sure how you can close the deal and a big profit on the line? I have you covered... Solution #2: - SAME DAY ISSUES: If you're having trouble re-selling short sales or REOs the same day, we have SOLVED this problem for you! Solution #3: - The Bank of America's 30 day wait is officially SOLVED. Solution #4: - "C" LENDERS LOVE YOU: If you've been frustrated with some "C" buyer's lenders needing more time to properly document the transaction, and therefore causing you to go beyond 1 day, we have SOLVED this problem for you! Solution #5: - NO RISK: If you're nervous about getting tied into loan agreements with hard money lenders, we have SOLVED this problem for you! The announcement we'll bring is NOT a loan and there will be NO RECOURSE against you! Solution #6: - NO CAPITAL: If you have no capital to put down to hold a property until you resell it, we have SOLVED this problem for you! You can see how powerful this is already, can't you? That's why this will be the single biggest "game changer" in the real estate industry this year. Mark it on your calendar now - Wednesday at 9:00 PM EST, 6:00 PM PST, and get ready to change your investing business forever: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/189258569 See you Wednesday! Josh P.S. Find out how our new strategy can lift you out of your struggle with short sales, FHA buyers, negotiating with lenders, REO flips, seasoning, Bank of America and more... This is a total "game changer", I promise. RSVP NOW: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/189258569
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