Industry Changing Call

By Josh Cantwell: WOW! That’s about all I can say. Last night I interviewed Jeff Watson regarding his newest and most controversial report, The "DEATH OF THE LAND TRUST”. Jeff's report brought out many issues with land trusts and short sales that needed to be addressed. If you were not available for the webinar, it is posted below. Make sure you watch it right away as it will open your eyes to a new and better way of closing short sales – thru an option contract.
Let me also tell you about the rest of the schedule for next week. Monday I will be doing a call with Jerami King. Jerami has a background as an experienced loss mitigation supervisor for a very large national mortgage company and will shed some light on the state of the loss mitigation market. He will dispel your fears of negotiating with lenders and asking for big discounts. That call will be Monday at 8pm EST. Keep an eye on your inbox for the invite. Lastly, “THE WORLD SHORT SALE MAIN EVENT” has been announced. We are going to be doing the biggest, best, most cutting edge short sale event to ever hit the real estate investing industry. The event will be at the end of May. Check out to get a FRONT OF THE LINE PASS before the launch. The launch is scheduled for April 16th at noon. With your Front of the Line Pass, you will be invited to see what we are releasing and Register A FULL HOUR before the general public. Go to to register.
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