LIVE *No-Holds-Barred* Short Sale Coaching Call Tonight

Grill us, rake us over hot coals, hold our feet to the fire… Four leading short sale experts are anxiously waiting for your biggest questions and issues concerning your investing business. The biggest online short sale training of the year happens tonight at 7pm EST. Send us your questions here to make sure they get answered: (You can also see what everyone else has asked so far!) Your BIGGESTS concerns, fears, setbacks, challenges when it comes to investing in short sales are addressed and resolved tonight. Here’s the expert panel line up on tonight’s LIVE STREAMING Q&A Marathon: Jeff Watson – Top Short Sale Lawyer, Contract and Closing Expert. Jerami King – Top Short Sale Negotiator with over 6,000 short sales under his belt Bob Mittleman – Top Title Company that closes deal in almost every state And ME, Josh Cantwell – Top Short Sale Investor and Coach Trust me – there is NOTHING you can possibly ask us that we won’t know about this business. Send us your questions and join us on the call to get answers. The live stream starts promptly at… 7pm Eastern 6 pm Central 5 pm Mountain 4 pm Pacific And may just go all night. As long as you have questions and we can continue to provide you with great training content we will keep going. Go here now: You’ll get never before available direct access to the dream team of short sale investing superstars. This will only happen once, it won’t be recorded, you can’t miss it. If you have any short sale, foreclosure or real estate questions whatsoever—ANY—this is your opportunity of a lifetime to learn direct from the masters. Here’s a few of the questions asked so far… Ben Johnson asks: “If a bank orders and appraisal, how can we convince the bank to do a BPO instead? And, if the bank does do an appraisal and that appraisal comes in about 90k over what every single agent who looks at the property thinks its worth, how can we convince the lender that the appraiser was on crack and we need a new BPO ordered?” Jim Maffuccio asks: “Please walk through the steps and thought process for approaching an RE agent with a listed short sale, where we want to contract the property (A to B) and have that agent keep the property on MLS in search of the end (C) buyer, and clarify how to do it with complete satisfaction of disclosure requirements, fiduciary responsibilities, and (typical) MLS rules.” Kenny Baker asks: “Seems like Bank of America is doing everything they can to interfere with short sale back to back transactions. Would you guys recommend passing on deals where they are the lien holder?” We will answer all of these questions and more TONIGHT. And we want to answer your questions too! Go here now, post your questions and then come back to this site at 7pm EST: See you tonight, Josh Cantwell P.S. Normally this level of *total access* is reserved solely for top coaching and mentoring students. It happens once-time-only tonight! P.P.S. Speaking of top coaching and mentoring, we’ll be revealing information on how you can claim your spot into my one of my exclusive high-level mentoring programs. Its not for sale. It’s application only and you must qualify. We’ll open the doors to this exclusive program on Tuesday night. Doors have been closed since March 2009. I’ve been creating an army of six and seven figure income earners who applied and qualified last March. You can be next. It’s application only and we have limited spots because my coaches have limited time and space for new mentoring students. Plus I want to work with only the most serious players. Go here now, post your questions and then I’ll see you at 7pm EST tonight:
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