Strategic Real Estate Investing Radio: More Money Than We Can Handle

acquisitionsmgr1 Hey, Josh Cantwell here… This week’s episode  of the Real Estate Investing Made Easy podcast has just been uploaded. And it’s a VERY special edition that is truly “can’t miss…” Especially if you’re having trouble finding funding for your deals! Because I sit down with my good friend and business partner Brian Stark, the president and Chief Investing Officer of our asset-based lending program… And get him to share priceless secrets about raising capital… But better yet… Brian spills the beans about a unique opportunity where you can… Get us to fund all your deals for you! Because the down and dirty truth is… Using the principles Brian talks about on the podcast… we’ve raised MORE MONEY than we can possibly use… So now we’re looking to partner up with our students… and help you fund YOUR deals (regardless of your current financial situation). It’s a special (time-sensitive) opportunity… And you can find the exciting details of how it works… on this week’s podcast. Discover how we raised MORE money than we can possibly use… and how YOU can use some of that money… to fund YOUR deals! Be Daring, Josh


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