In this email to you I’m going to ask you for your help in fact I’m practically going to beg you. The reason why, is that I feel obligated to support those who are going through the same diagnosis as me and so I’m also asking you for help. I put together this video to explain why I need you. Click here if you like helping others: http://srec.linktrackr.com/pc5kstv MY BIG WHY In 2011 I was diagnosed with STAGE 2 NEUROENDOCRINE PANCREATIC CANCER. Since November 21st 2011, the day I had my life saving surgery, it’s been 542 days.
  • Did you know that 73% of the patients who are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer DON’T EVEN MAKE IT 1 YEAR? Only 27% live past the first 365 days.
  • Did you know that 94% of the patients who are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer die within 5 years. Only 6% make it past 5 years.
  • Did you know my surgeon had to remove my entire stomach, my spleen, my gall bladder, 75% of my pancreas, 25% of my liver and he removed a basketball sized cancer mass during a 10 hour surgery?
  • Did you know my oncologist told me 95% of all surgeons would have never even tried the surgery my surgeon pulled off and that in most other cases I’d be a “terminal” patient just waiting to die?
  • Did you know pancreatic cancer is THE MOST AGGRESSIVE FORM OF CANCER?
  • Most people say “it’s a death sentence”. Many patients don’t even make it 3 months.
And so…. I’m one of the lucky few who’ve been given a second chance…. And I don’t take that lightly. I feel obligated to help those patients and families who are not as lucky as I am. Please help. You can attend or donate to the Purple Stride 2013 5k run / walk here:  http://purplestride.kintera.org/faf/donorReg/donorPledge.asp?ievent=1051567&lis=1&kntae1051567=571E50E058D3464F9927324200CC3C35&supId=359081333   In this video you’ll also see whole story… My surgery was just the beginning…. http://youtu.be/4xdWDwH6teM PERSONAL NOTE TO YOU I feel obligated to help you just like these patients. I’ve made it my life’s mission to make a difference in your life. Please help me make a difference in the lives of pancreatic cancer patients around the world. Most will never get a second chance like I did. Be Daring (just like my surgeon), Josh
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