By Josh Cantwell: Tonight at 8pm EST I will be doing our third teleclass training call. We will be joined by a senior management level loss mitigator from a major national mortgage company. I will be interviewing him for almost 90 minutes. He’ll be on the call to talk specifically about a few topics:
1) The current state of the mortgage market and loss mitigation departments 2) Why lenders love taking losses on pre-foreclosures thru short sales 3) What to put in your short sale package to get it negotiated quicker than all the other offers and at bigger discounts 4) Why the BPO appointment is the most important 10 minutes of every short sale 5) How to overcome your fear of lender negotiation 6) Why getting the short sale approvals can be as easy as sending in a fax
Make sure you register for this call. I had to beg and plead with this guy to get him on the call and he may not be available again for months. If you have questions for him make sure you write those under this post and if I can squeeze them in I’ll have those questions answered. Seats fill up fast! Reserve your Webinar seat now at: THE WORLD SHORT SALE MAIN EVENT HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED! Our Launch day is WEDNESDAY APRIL 16th AT NOON. Make sure you go to now and register for your Front of the Line Pass. I can’t tell you what we are going to be announcing exactly – I don’t want to spoil the surprise - but I can tell you that it will blow you away. We have a few big JV’s who are mailing to their list this Wednesday at noon and the program will probably sell out that day. Those who are registered for the Front of the Line Pass will get a secret link that will allow you to read all about the World Short Sale Main Event and Register a FULL HOUR BEFORE the general public. Those who are pre-registered will be able to see what we are unveiling at 11 am while everyone else waits until noon. Make sure you have Front of the Line access. Sales are limited so make sure you pre-register at Lastly, we posted the Death of the Land Trust call from last Thursday. Make sure you go back and re-watch it. The one point that Watson and I were trying to make on that call was this:
Even if you are closing short sales with land trusts with no problem, you need to rethink your plan. Title underwriters hate land trusts in short sales. The title underwriter is not aware of the assignment. What about the good funds laws? What about the trustee’s fiduciary duty to the seller?
Confusion. The market is changing. Be ready. Think ahead of the pack. Don’t follow the herd. Go back and re-watch the video. Take notes and plan accordingly.
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