The One And ONLY Method For Flipping Short Sales Legally

My friend, the team and I at Strategic Real Estate Coach have been keeping a secret from you for a very long time. I’m sorry, but I had to finally get this off my chest. We have discovered (and used effectively for over 18 months now) what’s arguably the MOST effective way for quick-turning short sales for profit……...and we haven’t told ANYONE. My coaches, about 100 of my top students and I have been using this method for over 18 months with PROVEN (and astonishing) results. It’s 100% legal, compliant, and extremely proprietary in nature. Code named, “Dovetail”, it is an advanced short sale real estate investing strategy. The most advanced of it’s kind. If you’re not familiar with the “Dovetail Method”, it’s a close knit strategy that a couple of my coaching students turned coaches invented. They’ve held this strategy close to vest because, well frankly, it works. While everyone else has been struggling with short sales we’ve been killing it using this method. Up to now it’s only been used by the SREC coaching community. You won’t find it anywhere else. I promise. This is not for public consumption. NO ONE outside of our private community of coaching students uses this method or knows of its existence. I’ve never talked about it in public or at a live event. (In fact, this information is US Patent Pending, and requires non-disclosure agreements from you, your real estate attorney, and title company to use.) As such, this information has NEVER BEEN SHARED outside of the SREC coaching network until now. This is a bold statement but… Dovetail solves almost all of the problems investor’s today face. (This is not hype, and you will see actual results.) However, for “security” reasons, I am not allowed to go into any details in this message. Because of my relationship with John and Jerry – “The Inventors” - I’m fortune to have the “inventors” of this unique strategy join me on TWO training webinars that go into “The Dovetail Method” in detail, and how it can be immediately applied to your investing business. The first call (Part 1) is this Thursday night 4/14 at 9pm EST/6pm PST. Click here to register : Part 2 will be 4/21 at 9pm EST also. (I’ll get you the link for that one after Part 1.) Again, because of the nature of this training event, lines will be extremely limited. I fully expect this to be the most widely attended webinar training class I do THIS YEAR. You can register now for the first training call at the link below: Live Abundantly, Josh P.S. If you are SERIOUS about investing in real estate, especially short sales, and want the ultimate competitive edge -- DO NOT MISS THIS CALL!
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