By Josh Cantwell: WINNER TAKES ALL! The call Tuesday night, which focused on the Referral Renaissance, was really fun to do. To be honest, I felt a little bit whooped when it was over. A lot of info in just 90 minutes! As I mentioned on the Referral Renaissance call Tuesday night, we are sponsoring an exciting contest. This is how it works…
I want you to tell me in 250 words or less how you are going to implement the concepts that you learned in the Referral Renaissance ebook and the call that I did Tuesday night. Tell me how you are going to take action and integrate these ideas into your business. Whether you are new or experienced, everyone is invited to submit their entry.
THE WINNER WILL RECEIVE A BRAND NEW COPY OF OUR NEWEST AND MOST COMPREHENSIVE COURSE TITLED “THE SHORT SALE BLUEPRINT” - a $1495 value ABSOLUTELY FREE! All entries must be posted on our blog at under this POSTING in the comments section. Entries are due by NOON EST FRIDAY APRIL 4th. The winner will be chosen Friday by 5pm EST and the winner will be posted on the BLOG at Check the blog after 5 pm for the winner. Tell me how you are going to take action and implement what you’ve learned and we will reward the best and most exciting entry. Good Luck!
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