You Can't Afford To Miss Tonight's Call

By Josh Cantwell: Join Jeff and I on tonight's webinar... Thursday April 10th at 8pm If you haven't registered yet, there are still a few seats left... You can reserve your spot at tonight's webinar by clicking the link below -- > The "Death of the Land Trust" has been a true eye opener for thousands of investors. I believe Jeff Watson has raised some serious issues that will affect the future of how investors approach short sales. Jeff wants to talk thru these issues tonight. Do not miss this call!
If you are a real estate investor or thinking about jumping into the FORECLOSURE INVESTING industry, then you MUST BE ON THIS CALL TONIGHT. If you miss out you may make mistakes that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars.
The main issue we are getting at is this: If a real estate investor can get a discount from the lender low enough to buy, then fix, then sell or hold - GREAT!!! They can use a standard purchase and sales agreement to accomplish that. We do this all the time. However many investors and banks cannot agree to a short sale discount down to 50, 60, 65 % of the as-is value in order for the investor to buy the property outright. So what do we do with those properties that are discounted down to 70, 80, 90% of the value? Throw them away? No way! The option contract allows investors to gain control, discount the debt, and re-sell the property for a handsome profit. Those 70, 80, 90 % discounts can still be profitable transactions. Throw them away? No Chance. Jeff Watson and I will show you how to turn these transactions into solutions for homeowners and money for you. That's the goal here. Take advantage of every single lead and opportunity you have. Make a difference for someone in financial trouble. Quick-turning short sales with option contracts is the ABSOLUTE, NO QUESTION best way to do this. More disclosure, more transparency, no smoke and mirrors, and STILL SATISFY THE END BUYER'S LENDER'S SEASONING REQUIREMENTS. And then there’s the issue of the Mole OR Mistake... One of our JV’s accidentally let the cat out of the bag that we are going to be doing a training event at the end of May. Now our phone lines are lighting up with questions on that too. So, I’ll be addressing that tonight as well. See you tonight at 8.
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