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What is 40k Flips?

Want to hit the ground running investing in real estate…the right way?

Excellent! You’re going to discover how to Find, Fund, and Flip houses and investment properties using the EXACT same system that my students and I use every day.

I’m going to share with you actual REAL DEALS…and the numbers…so you can see for yourself how it’s done…

And the results that are possible when you follow the “40K Flip System.”


If the training’s got you thinking, “I love it! I want to know more about the 40K Flips program” here you go…


The 40K Flips Program is a series of easy to follow LIVE Coaching Classes. You’ll literally be taken by the hand through each step of the Find-Fund-Flip-Profit system. You’ll have assignments and direct instruction of what to do and how to do it every step of the way.

Is it scary? Depends on the type of person you are. However, I can say that just about every NEW investor does get the jitters because what you’ll experience IS new and a bit out of your comfort zone. But that’s to be expected. It’s a natural response. In fact, don’t you get a little nervous whenever you experience something new? I sure as heck do.

Look, the goal of this entire program is geared toward YOUR SUCCESS. You already saw in the training you attended the success and results achieved by Giovanni, Chris, Kyle, and DK. And that’s just a handful of the many beginning students and clients who’ve achieved similar results.

That being said, the results and success you achieve are up to you.

Our team of expert coaches will be there to help and guide you every step of the way.


The Foundations for Investment Success


You’re going to hit the ground running. Our team will show you how to generate profits from flips and rehabs WITHOUT ever slinging a hammer or installing a single toilet. PLUS…you’ll discover how to buy your flip properties without using a single dime of your own money! Now, one of the biggest concerns of just about all investors is, “Boy, this is gonna suck up all my time.” Not so fast, Dexter. You’ll discover how to automate just about EVERY aspect of your business…from buying to fixing to flipping to closing. This gives you the opportunity to find more properties and grow your business faster.

In Class 1, we will teach you:

  • The 40K Flips Master System…the key to your success
  • How to use the 40K Flips Checklist…so you never miss a beat
  • By example: ACTUAL, CURRENT deals in every stage of Buy-Fund-Fix-Flip-Profit
  • How to know EXACTLY what to do every step of the way

Live Coaching Class 2:

The Foundations for Investment Success

Get All the Investment Capital You Can Handle: Part 1

Of all the things that stop real estate investors cold in their tracks faster than ANYTHING, it’s lack of capital and access to capital. Most investors don’t even leave the starting gate because they think, “I don’t have the money to do deals, so what’s the use.” Kick that thinking right out of your head. The beauty of 40K Flips is that you’ll get direct access to other people banging down your doors to fund your deals. I’ve funded and flipped just about every deal using this method for the past 5 years. There’s no going back to begging the banks for loans.

In Class 2, we will teach you:

  • How to work with other investors who are HUNGRY to invest in your deals
  • Which contracts to use to buy, fix, and sell the property for a hassle-free closing (no worries…you get MY contracts!)
  • Create an endless stream of deal funding using this secret strategy

Live Coaching Class 3:

The Foundations for Investment Success


Tap into this TRILLION dollar ocean of capital. You’ll learn the inside secrets on how to access this wealth of investment capital. Don’t be surprised after taking this Coaching Class if Self Directed IRAs become your #1 Source for funding your deals.

In Class 3, we will teach you:

  • The robust power of Self Directed Roths for both YOU and your investors
  • How Self Directed Roth investing can feed your business for years to come…and create wealth for you and your investor
  • From the master of SDIRA’s himself…the President of America’s #1 Custodian
  • Get ‘behind closed door’ secrets of how to gain maximum leverage from your SDIRA funds

Live Coaching Class 4:

Equity Partnerships and Alternative Funding for Real Estate Investments


If you’re not drowning in ways to get cash for your deals after Coaching Sessions #2 and #3, well…here comes the tidal wave. Here are MORE ways to get your mitts on capital to do your 40K Flip properties. Now there’s NO excuses NOT to deals!

In Class 4, we will teach you:

  • The Perfect Pitch to deliver your investors to get them to say “YES” to investing their capital
  • How to safely raise capital…and avoid SEC oversight and regs (all TOTALLY LEGAL and BY THE BOOK)
  • How to use my done-for-you “Private Lender Payout” spreadsheet…dots all your ‘I’s” and crosses all your “T’s” for peace of mind

Live Coaching Class 5:

selling houses with no marketing budget


You now have the capital, it’s time to put it to good use. Here’s where you get the skinny on how to acquire 2-4 houses per month. This is where our SREC team and students shine…and you will too once you get the blueprint. Here’s the best part: Most investors go out, find a house, and THEN try and find the money to buy the deals. WRONG! Completely backwards. YOU now know how to do it the SMART way. You’ve already shored up the cash, and now you can buy as many deals as you want! You’ve completely eliminated the desperation and roadblocks that stop 95% of investors and wannabes in their tracks.

In Class 5, we will teach you:

  • How to buy 2-4 houses a month…and more…with ZERO marketing budget (Really!)
  • The covert way to get your competitors to funnel you deals (this is sweet)…and you keep most of the profit
  • How to get your competition to unload their best properties to you and leave you 98% of the meat on the bone
  • The sure-fire fail-safe way to back out of any deal, any BAD deal, so you’re never stuck holding the bag (you’re gonna love this)

My brother, Mark Cantwell, will be one of your master coaches for this session (you’ll still love me more, though)

Live Coaching Class 6:

Finding investment deals in real estate


You heard correctly. Your Find-Fund-Fix-Flip timeline can be as little as 3 months. Yes, REALLY! We’ll show you the entire rehab process, start to finish. AND, you’ll see how to save big bucks in hiring contractors, materials, and in managing the work…and maximize your profits.

In Class 6, we will teach you:

  • The 4 ways to acquire foreclosures…WITHOUT the MLSS and with ZERO marketing budget (as you can tell, I’m big on ZERO spending)
  • How to put cash in your pocket WHEN YOU BUY! No more waiting for the house to sell to collect all your money
  • Case Study Bonanza…Lots of real time Real Deals and Real Profits with my brother Mark (he’s a good guy and all, but you’ll still like me more)

Live Coaching Class 7:

property investment contractor management class


First, we will work hand in hand with you on your deals. You heard right. My team and I have your back. Whatever you need, we’re there for you. And if you want, we’ll even PARTNER WITH YOU on the investment and split the profits. Your call. Plus, you’ll see how to unload 87% of the work to you team.

In Class 7, we will teach you:

  • How to outsource the stuff you DO NOT need to be doing (your ONLY focus is to focus on revenue-generating activities…PERIOD!
  • The right way to hire contractors and vendors (HONEST contractors and vendors)…and keep them for the long haul
  • How to project manage so you ALWAYS stay on time and under budgetow to make sure your property stays on time and under budget
  • Our SIMPLE 1-2-3 Rehab Checklist for prepping your property for the sale

Once again, brother Mark will join you for this coaching session (is he starting to get on your nerves?)

Live Coaching Class 8:

house flipping project management course


Here’s where we’ll dive deep into your deals. Where are you stuck? Where are you victorious? We wanna know. Wanna go it alone and do the deal all on your own, with the coaches and I taking you through all the steps? Or would you feel more comfortable if we took more of an active role and partnered with you? Either way is perfect. This is about YOU…your education, your growth, your investing career.

In Class 8, we will teach you:

  • How to do $40K Flips with ZERO trade skills (DO NOT put a hammer in MY hand…I’ll break something for sure. Mr. Klutz)
  • Plug n’Play budgeting, scheduling, and money-saving Short Cuts
  • The secrets to AUTOMATING and AUTOPILOTING your business (this is a time and life saver…so pay close attention)


selling a flipped house course


Unloading the property once it’s rehabbed and finished can be one scary ordeal. Heck, you don’t want the property sitting on the market like 97% of the other houses out there. This is where the 40K Flips program stands out…something we’ve perfected. You’ll have complete access to our proprietary “Property Launch Formula”…which our students and I have used to get FULL asking price AND close the deal the SAME DAY!

In Class 9, we will teach you:

  • How to capitalize on Property Launch Formula for all your deals
  • How to pull in 40 salivating buyers into your properties like a hoover vacuum…every time
  • How to get offers and bids on your property the MOMENT your house hits the market (hint: use our “Total Bonus Package”)
  • How to duplicate and model our “Sell Your House in 90 Minutes”…that works like a charm

SREC Acquisitions Manager Dione Saliba joins us on this coaching session (finally, no brother Mark!)


real estate investment check


You raised capital like a pro. Word got around. A competitor brought YOU the deal. You did ZERO marketing. Your crackerjack project manager, contractor and rehab team fixed the house ahead of time and under budget. 93 days total. You put the word out and in one day 34 hungry buyers flocked to the house. You wrote a contract for just $8K under full asking price. And they closed in just 8 days! Now it’s time to collect the check…the Profit Payout. Discover how to sail through closing the deal…smooth and easy.

In Class 10, we will teach you:

  • How successful students… who started just like you…closed their deals in these eye-opening case studies
  • The ‘stuff they never tell you’ when going to closing
  • The exact 40K Flips Closing System that makes EVERYBODY’s life easier
  • Why your title company, attorney, or closing agent will LOVE you for doing these 3 things

How About a Money Back Guarantee?

Enroll in the $40k Flips 7 week coaching Program… AND if you are not 110% convinced $40k Flips will work for you we will give you your money back. Simply request your refund within 30 days of purchasing $40K Flips and we will refund your money. We believe that if you just enroll and get on the calls you will finally feel the sense of satisfaction and confidence you have been looking for. And if not, I don’t want your money.


Quickly, let me tell you about our POWERFUL
"DO A DEAL, Money Back Guarantee."

So this is the big one…..Here we go….If at any time after you have taken the $40k Flips Course and Gone thru the 14 LIVE classes, closed a $40k FLIPS DEAL. Then just send me your video testimonial, a copy of your profit check, and HUD1 settlement statement and we will SEND YOU BACK YOUR ENTIRE ENROLLMENT FEE. Just send us the video and proof of your deal that we can use in our future marketing materials and we will send you your money back ANY TIME DURING YOUR LIFE.