(1 Hour!) "BECOME MY PARTNER... And let me fund all your deals... For You!" (8pm EST / 7pm CST / 5pm PST)

Hey, it's Josh,

I'm sending you a quick heads up to remind you we're starting the "BECOME MY PARTNER... And let me fund all your deals... For You!" Master Training Class at 8pm EST (7pm CST / 5pm PST).

On this no-cost, invitation-only training webinar...

I explain ALL the details of a true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and reveal how...
YOU can become MY certified acquisitions partner!

Seats are limited, so click here now and get your.

I'll be covering:

- Fast Creative No Money Down Financing Solutions for SREC students only Nationwide.

- You'll see the EXACT Blueprint of how to get DONE FOR YOU Private Money from Strategic Freedom Funding and First Freedom Capital to fund all your deals.

- Get Unlimited Verifiable Proof of Funds Letters

- I'll Show you the exact blueprint of how I've funded my last 49 rehab flip transactions with none of my own cash or credit.

- Proof that all the private money you'd ever need will come directly from my private equity fund and my direct private money companies.

- How you can really buy 2-4 homes a month using NONE OF YOUR OWN DOWN.

- Get 100% no money down funding for your transactional, rehab, rental and small commercial deals

- Learn the "Automated Offer Formula" You'll use to Bid on Every Home Without ever seeing them

- Get unlimited deal review thru our "Deal or No Deal" coaching so you can make offers with confidence.

- Proof that all the capital you'd ever need is right in front of you.

- What you'll need to know to be the best acquisitions partner.

- Created by Strategic Real Estate Coach for Strategic Real Estate Coach Students, members and clients ONLY

- SFF is an "asset based lender" meaning we care mostly about the "deal" and does it meet our criteria.

- You'll see our exact acquisitions and funding criteria and how you can deploy it in your own market

- Commercial Lending: Need a partner to review and fund your apartments, self-storage and "unique" commercial deals? Send them to us to qualify for an equity partnership.

I created this Master Class to change your life... believe me, it can.

Seats are extremely limited, so click here now and get yours.

Be daring,

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