10 Ideas for Getting More Facebook Fans

For businesses, Facebook is all about the Fans. Why? More fans mean more exposure, more leads and social proof.

In this next video from the SREC Genius Underground Marketing Machine program, my Genius and SREC Social Media Manager, Mike Gleba, takes you through the top 10 ways to get more fans on your Facebook page.

Mike covers online techniques and offline techniques to increasing the number of fans you have, and reviews the importance of the “cocktail party” mindset. Find out why trusted partners are essential to your Facebook growth. You’ll even get a chance to see exactly what we’re doing at SREC to build our fanbase on Facebook.

These tips are invaluable, and will help you navigate through Facebook like a real pro in no time!

There’s a lot more to come from my Geniuses and the Genius Underground Marketing Machine.

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