12 Life Lessons

Yesterday, on my “Life Lessons” webinar, I took a totally different angle. I didn’t teach a “SYSTEM” for making money. Instead I focused on the “Life Lessons” I’ve learned while forced to be away from my businesses. These are the concepts that make a business worth working at and fighting for. When you aren’t allowed to work you realize that working is a privilege, not a nuisance. I love what I do and I do it well. Being forced to be away from work and my family was very difficult.

Along the way I’ve learned 8 Life Lessons, plus 5 “underground” lessons.

Watch the webinar below to get the full insider’s view.



Here are the life lessons I learned along the way:

1)      Be Daring

2)      Expect the Best Outcome

3)      It Only Take One

4)      Time To Grind

5)      Go Overboard

6)      T.V. is the biggest waste of time in human history

7)      Acidic Vs. Alkaline Body

8)      Prepare Like Hell

9)      Only Systemize Perfect Systems

10)    Don’t Paint Yourself In A Corner

11)     Track and Measure Everything

12)     Do What You Love

13)     Outsource and Delegate for Cheap

        1. www.fiverr.com
        2. www.textbroker.com

Advice for 2012:

1)      Spend as much time raising money as you do finding deals

2)      Focus on the distressed property market

        1. REOs
        2. Short Sales
        3. Lease Options
        4. …and buyer’s that want them

3)      Brokerage is leading the way

        1. Generate leads online (we generated 300+ leads while I was in the hospital)
        2. Recruit Agents
        3. Give the Agent great sales training
        4. Agents find the best Investment deals
        5. Cherry pick the investment deals (short sales, REOs and lease options)

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