I think I know what may be holding YOU back...

By: Josh Cantwell

I just finished a new video that shows you SIX *proven* ways to get your short sales approved faster and at lower prices using today's BEST NEW Strategies


If you're serious about building a real estate investing business that pumps out more cash than Exxon Mobile, then I want you to pay close attention

A few years ago, I was a struggling real estate investor, trying to get my business off the ground. I was busy, but not successful.

And I was frustrated.

I didn't have a system. I didn't have strategies. I just flew by the seat of my pants every day hoping that things would come together.

I was shocked at how obvious and easy the solution was... figure out a system that works and use it over and over and over again... every time.

As soon as I changed my approach, and started using the same strategies every time, my business blew up (the good kind of blow up!).

So I've just finished a new video that you've got to check out.  This is the kind of video that I could have used when I was trying to figure things out.  But at least I can pass it on to you!

I just finished "The Top 6 Best (and Newest) Strategies For Getting Your Short Sale Offers Negotiated AND Approved In 45 Days Or LESS At The Absolute Lowest Prices".


The concepts and strategies in this video are what I am using in my own business and what my students and clients are using across the country RIGHT NOW to make serious money (like $50k - $100k per month) with short sales

These aren't strategies that we were using 4 or 6 months ago.  The market has changed - BIG TIME - so I've had to adjust with the market and I guarantee this is what's working today.

So if you're using strategies from a few months ago, it's time to update your arsenal.

Take a few minutes and check it out here...


I just hate to see people who really want to make it in real estate struggling because they don't have the right information, or worse yet, they have just plain BAD information. 

So I wanted to share the Brand New strategies that are working for me.


More ideas on the way, so keep your eyes and ears open.

You're gonna love what's happening at the end of the month, I promise!

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