Successful investor interview, MP3 recording for ya

I just posted a new blog post and MP3 interview that will show you how to ramp up and create a successful real estate business from nothing with one of my super successful Gold Coaching Members – Pam. My head coach Derek interviewed her last week and we recorded it.

I think you’ll get a lot out of listening to the interview, so I’m making it available for download.
Derek discusses with her:
– How she got started with no experience and quickly obtained success.
– The keys to scaling up her business
– How she loads her pipeline with referrals leads.
– A cool twist she uses on direct mail marketing to get a 73% response rate.
– 5 keys to networking and building a team.
– Outsourcing short sale negotiations.
– The importance of the BPO.
– Finding private money!
– And more!

So check out the full interview here (right click and select “save as” to download) and get pumped for a fresh start on Monday!

Have a great one,

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