2 New Coaches Join The Strategic Real Estate Coach Team

Strategic Real Estate Coach (SREC) is proud to announce the addition of two new real estate investing coaches to its team, Millen Atwood and Justin Hill.

Millen Atwood copyMillen Atwood was introduced to real estate in high school, while helping an investor in repairs and updates to his income properties. He started his investment career in 1988 after getting married, acquiring two rehabs and a rental. This was the beginning of his infatuation with real estate. He had the opportunity and privilege to be mentored by a veteran in real estate development of raw land, sales, and existing residential properties who taught him creative ways to acquire assets in real property.

Millen learned that resolving the seller’s or buyer’s problem results in a sale or purchase of a property. He is conversant with real estate terms in English and Spanish. In 1996 he made his first investment out of the USA. Millen is a consultant to a real estate development company and its team of advisors, concerning a large $11 million development project. The results are new approaches in sales of properties and existing new construction.

Millen’s experience in acquiring, evaluating and holding properties both commercial and residential has resulted in his ability to project profits or losses, tax benefits and appreciation, allowing the acquisition of profitable properties.

He has been mentoring and coaching for the past eight years. He has enjoyed seeing the success of those he mentors, by helping them in their real estate purchases.

He is a Certified State Mediator and has used his skills as a mediator to bring about resolutions to conflicts arising in tenant/landlord relations, real estate purchase contracts and rental contracts. His goal is always to help create a win/win resolution for both parties.

Justin Hill copyJustin Hill has a strong real estate and business background. He began studying Real Estate investing and soon realized this could be very profitable for his financial future. In 2007 he entered into the distressed real estate markets in the Midwest. With the initial collapse of the real estate loan markets, many areas of the country opened up for investors who were ready to take advantage of the deals available, much like now.

Over the next several years, Justin fine-tuned and honed his skills by working with several seasoned Realtors and professionals to learn all the strategies used to maximize returns. He was able to assist many other investors to learn how to profit and generate consistent results using the same skills he had applied himself.

Justin has been a part of over 350 individual transactions with properties and has helped several investment groups and many individual investors reap the benefits of real estate investing. He has learned many of the critical skills in negotiation and contract creation for real estate in order to improve the profitability of his personal business, but also to be able to more fully help those he works with. He enjoys being able to work regularly with other investors and loves to teach and share the knowledge that he has gained from his real estate experience.

His goal is to be able to help everyone succeed and see lasting results. Justin is able to lay out consistent action items so that his clients are able to follow clear plans to succeed. He is able to explain complicated procedures in a way that is easy to understand and apply. He loves to see his clients have success.

Justin and Millen are bringing their expertise to SREC and will be mentoring real estate investing students all around the country to build their businesses.

As an industry leader, Strategic Real Estate Coach (SREC) provides the most advanced training in the real estate investing profession, both challenging and empowering students to go out to build the type of business they’ve always wanted and supporting their dream lifestyle. To learn more, visit www.strategicrealestatecoach.com.

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