Real Estate Investors Love 40k Flips Part II

Here are some more great examples of many investors, students and clients using our programs to succeed and secure their financial futures!

“40K is not out of the question. I live in Ca….and, regardless of what people might say, there are deals to be found everywhere. I just flipped a house, 90days, for close to $200k profit. In a deal now in the Bay Area and the projected is close to $120k. I have subscribed to Josh’s system because he breaks it down and makes it easy to understand and implement …and I am always willing to take the best knowledge from others and use it. Ended up staying the night in the Bay Area….so the 1st property (one of two using the knowledge that I got from Josh’s program…which mostly helped me in the financing portion of my current deals) is 5020 Beachwood Drive, Seaside, Ca. I just closed on the first half of this transaction on Aug 12, 2013.I negotiated the deal from the Short Sale Lender / Bank of America for $555,000. I used a private investor (duplicated as outlined in your course) via his Self-directed IRA to fund. Our budget for repairs is only $10K….which includes new kitchen flooring, new appliances for the kitchen, new carpet in two rooms, some interior paint, and update the front and back landscaping. We have comps in the area for $750K….and already have 3 qualified interested parties at our target price of $739K. We are in the process right now of doing the repairs. As it is coming up on the season where typically RE sales slow, my timeline for completing the repairs/updates is 2 weeks. My goal is to always close on day 90…since, of course, this is when the Title restrictions lift on turning the house. I just closed on another here in Morgan Hill (10 miles south of San Jose. We closed at $675K.We have comps at $985K with another home 5 doors up the street just listed at $1,020,000.  Our budget for repairs/updates is approx. $32,000. Our target retail sale is $925K. The house has a killer view. I got this via Short Sale as well…where I did all the negotiations. Your information/course has been well taken and I am constantly reviewing and re-listening to the course segments.

Thanks again. “

Scott Benedict

“It’s great being part of Josh’s 40k flips program, I recently sold my last rehab/flip property where I make over $70,000.00 at Closing!”

Geovanni James

“This whole experience so far has been amazing…thanks”

Ralph Martinez

“I just bought this 3 bed 2 bath 2000 sqft home in Florida build new in 2005 in a Sub of Tampa for $13,600.00 on an online foreclose auction. I hold tittle in separate cell of my series LLC. I also had to pay a tax lien certificate for $2700.00. I will need to put 4k in rehab. I will have a total investment of 20k or less. After Repair Value is 240k it had a 260k mortgage in 2005. I did this with my own money. I will rent for 1600/month it is in exclusive gated community. I have done three properties just like this (similar Numbers) and rent them with good cash flow the name of the game.

 Jon Flink

“Thanks for the great content so far.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s session!”

Patty Vanadilok

“I did a one month start to finish with bid on HUD home, only vested roughly 5 hours of actual work on the home.  The best part is I never physically laid eyes on the home!  Buyer found using craigslist ad – This is a free service so I had $0 vested in marketing costs.  Cash buyer on the deal …Net profits after all costs $14,700”

Ron Baska

“Thanks for personally responding to my question. I must say, I am a little surprised that you did respond since I asked the question on Tuesday in the chat box on the AI Pro call and then again on Wednesday via email on the Google group. I figured it just got lost in the shuffle of the myriad of things you have to attend to and you were never going to personally respond. Your attention to this speaks volumes to me about your character and integrity.”

Anthony Mwangi

“The 40k flips program is so full of content and his dedication in sharing the actual steps is priceless! Josh’s generosity in letting us retake the course whenever he is giving one in the future will help those of us who are not as fast to absorb the materials and take action so we can be successful too following his steps. I am grateful that I am in the program and even though I have schedule conflicts and cannot always attend the live sessions, I can study from the archive and I know I will eventually get it and be successful. Thank you Josh and the Strategic Real Estate Coaching team. ”This is a solid program to help members achieve their own success.”

“I have the property under contract for $40,000 with $35,000 rehab. Appraisal came back at $150,000 ARV. Realtor confirms house should sell in the $140-145,000 range after rehab. This fits Josh’s formula pretty well”

Mike Porvaznik

“I’m confident that the $40K Flip Training and Mastermind will finally give me what I need to actually execute!”

Tony Pizzuto / ZinVest Properties, LLC

“From what I have heard on the training so far I really appreciate your straightforward, business-like approach to setting this business up and turning it into a long term approach. I look forward to being a part of your entire training modules and getting rolling with your strategies. Keep up the great work and passion.”

Steve Greig

“Ya… the real key was honing in on the funding from the sources that you teach. Now…since I virtually have unlimited funding so to speak, I am now flipping a hotel here locally. The change in focus also allows me to broaden my view on what to look for…and also refine my numbers skills.”

Scott Benedict

“Anytime I’ve had a problem, I have contacted Sheila in Customer Service!  She is the best customer service person I have EVER dealt with. Kudos to you Sheila!!!

Cherely Cousins

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for the guide on how to find Private Money, and what to say.  This is HUGE… really valuable information that I have been looking / needing for YEARS.  If I had these years ago, I bet I could have found a private investor a LOT sooner. You guys are awesome!  Appreciate the help more than you can imagine. I was also just about to send you an email asking if you could please go over the private lender presentation with us, so we can see what you say during the presentations. And then I went into Module 4 and saw you ALREADY INCLUDED IT!!Holy Crap, you really did think of everything, didn’t you! So Glad, I joined this course. Huge, huge thanks.”

Laura Teale

“I really appreciate the advice and your continued mentorship. Your 40K Flip course is the bomb!

My goal is to get a couple deals down so I can get personal coaching from you and John. I am so ready to blow this up with your guidance.

Thanks again and keep doing what you do.”

Matt Elam



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