How to Rehab a Flip in 6 Simple Steps

Let’s get back to basics for a minute here – what is your game plan when you purchase a property to rehab and sell? Are you just a wholesaler and looking to get into the bigger profit deals? If you aren’t sure exactly where to start, here is our simple 6 steps that we follow with each property we flip.

  1. Demo
  2. Utilities & Mechanicals
  3. Repair & Prep
  4. Install
  5. Painting
  6. Finish & Detail

One super important way to follow these steps is sticking to your outlined plan that you created at the beginning and keeping a punch list of things you are working on. Following a schedule with your contractors is also key so you don’t have different groups working on top of each other.

Watch the full video here to see a walk-through of this Idlewood Ave. property here:

55 Simple Ways Feedback

It’s been a few weeks since we released our newest free report, “55 Simple and Powerful Ways to Find Killer Real Estate Investments” to the public. It’s been downloaded like crazy and we’re getting a lot of positive feedback from consumers about the quality of the content in this book.

 “55 Simple Strategies is a Goldmine…I went through it on a Buffer Day just to learn how much I really hadn’t considered in sourcing deals. Great stuff Josh!” – Bill Ziccardi, California

“Hi Josh, I just read your 55 Ways report and I am quite impressed, as well as excited at the possibilities. I felt as if I had found a gold mine of information! Excellent selling tool, because I feel that if you are giving that many resources away for free, the rest of your programs must have some outstanding value.” – Fr. Charles Butler, Missouri

You don’t have to be a beginner to learn to a thing or two from this report. These methods were compiled between me and my mastermind students and colleagues. Whenever we get together, we share our success stories and what is working for us in our particular markets. From the free sites to the paid marketing strategies, these are things I am using every day in my business.

If you haven’t already, download your own copy of “55 Simple and Powerful Ways to Find Killer Real Estate Investments” and let us know what you think! Leave your feedback either in the comments below or on one of our social media pages, we love to hear from you. Is there something missing that you are currently using? Let us know, maybe it can be added in a part 2!

Chat with Joe McCall of Real Estate Investing Mastery

In my latest episode of Strategic Real Estate Radio last week, I able to sit down with Joe McCall of the “Real Estate Mastery” podcast. Joe and I discuss one of my favorite topics, quick cash deals and investing virtually.

Joe McCall has a podcast on iTunes called “The Real Estate Investing Mastery” and also wrote a #1 Kindle book, “Making Extra Money Flipping Houses While on Vacation.” He has flipped over 100 houses and helped his students flip hundreds more. Joe is passionate about the “freedom lifestyle” and a location independent business where he can work anywhere in the world.

Joe’s story is probably a lot like yours – he started working a regular 9-5 to pay the bills, but then was able to develop a niche of investing in wholesaling lease options. He quickly found that his income from wholesaling lease options surpassed his 9-5 job and his full-time job was holding him back from the flexibility he was striving for.

Click here to learn more about Joe’s story and listen to the full podcast.

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