How to Find Off-Market Properties to Keep You from Going Extinct

As I’m sure you know, the real estate market game is changing. Thousands of new investors are jumping in every second to swipe the good deals in your market right out from under you.

The more competition grows, the more you need to stay on top and adapt to the ever-changing strategies. Some of your “old faithful’s” aren’t finding you the same deals you used to get. Since you are my students, colleagues and friends, it’s critical that you stay on the cutting edge with me.

One of the top ways to continue to be successful in the real estate investing industry is to find off-market properties. These properties are ones that are not listed on the MLS and are found through unconventional ways of marketing.

Truthfully, we are helping these people by taking the property off their hands in exchange for money that they desperately need or want.

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