24 Hour Warning

SREC Business Mastery Coaching Is Closing Tomorrow.

I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the Super Bowl. I personally thought the commercials were weak this year.

I wanted to send you a quick initial warning that your chance to apply for BUSINESS MASTERY COACHING is almost at an end.

Click this link to apply.


We have 3 times more applications than spots and we’ve began the interviewing and screening process this morning. Because of the high demand and the limited number of spots, I decided to close down your opportunity to apply sometime tomorrow.

I recorded a video that explains everything and I also put together a matrix of what’s included. Click the link below to watch the presentation, see the matrix and apply for coaching NOW before we close.


I’ll warn you, BUSINESS MASTERY COACHING is not cheap. It’s not for everyone. But let me ask you, what’s the cost of never getting off the ground or the cost of not achieving your goals? I estimate it’s 30 times the cost in lost income.

If you are the right person make sure you don’t miss out on this. The average profit of my mentoring students over the past 6 months has been an average of $31,000 per month per student. That’s exactly 30 times the investment in BUSINESS MASTERY. You can do it too if you have the coaching, mentoring and mastermind group to help you get there.

Be the best you can be this week,


P.S. I heard a great quote this past weekend I wanted to share with you.


“They Key To Learning, Growing And Achieving Your Goals: A Mentor, A Mastermind Or Mistakes.”


I thought that was fitting seeing that so many investors have goals they are not hitting. You could short cut the success process with a mentor and a mastermind OR you can make mistake after mistake and eventually get you where you want to go. The choice is yours.


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