2nd Mortgages: Pesky or Painless

By: Josh Cantwell

Why is it that negotiating with mortgage companies can cause us to want to pull our hair out, yet when we find a deal that has 2 mortgages, we are ecstatic?

Weird, right?

On the surface, it seems insane that we would be excited to have to negotiate with 2 mortgage companies on 1 deal.  But the beauty of a second mortgage is that you can create equity that didn't exist before to turn an "ok" deal into a "great" deal.

So I just wrote a new article on how to successfully negotiate with a second mortgage while also dealing with the first.

Click Here For My 2nd Mortgage Article

I also give step by step instructions on what to offer, where to place certain closing costs on the HUD, and how to negotiate with 2 mortgages at the same time, creating huge discounts.

Click Here For My 2nd Mortgage Article

To tell you the truth, I love deals that have 2 or 3 mortgages!  In my article I'll explain why, and I bet you'll grow to love them too.  

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