4 Tips for Getting Bank Owned Investment Properties Cheap

You don’t always have to buy investment properties from banks, but when you do you want to get them for as cheap as possible, right?

I know I do, and I know that when I first started out I didn’t have the easiest time getting properties from the bank at discounted prices.

And then the other day I was thinking, shouldn’t we make it easier for everyone to buy bank owned properties, so they don’t have to go through any of the banks BS that I’ve had to go through over the years?

That’s why I had my friend and SREC head coach Kyle shoot this video, to break it all down in to 4 simple tips that will get you the best deal possible when buying investment properties from the bank.

Check out the video:

Here are those tips again:

Tip #1 - Have Relationships with REO Brokers

Tip #2 - Have Cash to Buy Properties

Tip #3 - Close in a Timely Manner

Tip #4 - Highlight the Negative Features

So if you follow these tips, next time you buy a bank owned investment property you should have no problem getting a sweet deal and setting yourself up for a huge profit.

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