[40K Flips Master Class] We're Starting! (Noon EST)

It's Josh...

I wanted to remind you that the 40K Flips Master Class starts in less than an hour! (12PM Noon EST / 9AM PST)

This email is hitting 300,000+ inboxes but only 1000 spots are available, so sign up NOW and get there early!

Click here now to register!

You'll want to take notes so grab a pen/paper because here's what you'll be learning:

  1. Hear how my investors and I will fund your 40K Flips deals!
  2. Receive the EXACT blueprint to how I made $1,229,730 in the past 26 months focusing ONLY on properties I could make $40k each OR MORE using none of my own cash or credit.
  3. PROOF that all the cheap, no income, no asset, no credit check, capital  you'll ever need to fund your deals is easily accessible and right in front of you.
  4. How I REALLY buy 3-6 houses a month for 30-40 cents on the dollar in great upper middle class neighborhoods and flip every one of them for $30k to $70k Profits.
  5. How to get an average of $42k CASH BACK AT CLOSING when You buy houses
  6. The Automated Offer Formula You'll use to bid on every home without seeing them.
  7. What you'll do with an accepted offer to make $40k to $80k to $100k (example inside from Student Kyle) to $200k (example inside from Student Scott) on EVERY DEAL (Show me the Money Baby).
  8. How to LAUNCH and SELL these homes in 90 minutes or less.
  9. PROOF that this business is 100% Automated for me and now YOU.

Sign up now to guarantee your spot on the FREE training class. There are only 1,000 spots available!

See you at 12PM Noon EST / 9AM PST!


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