6 Key Emotions That Drive Behavior

To be effective in sales, you really need to develop an intuition about people, what drives them to do what they do. For some it's intuitive, while for others it's learned. Something that you can do to keep you on track is to keep handy a list of six emotions that influence behavior. Looking at the list, you'll see that three are positive and tend to be emotions that people run toward, while three are negative, and ones that people try to avoid. By helping sellers resolve those "emotion-driven" problems associated with owning a problem property, you will help sellers run away from negative emotions and towards those that are positive. Use the list below as a reminder of the subtext of what your initial meeting with that homeowner in distress is really all about. It's NOT the Money!  

Negative Emotions       Positive Emotions

Fear                             Love

Loss                             Gain

Guilt                            Pride

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