A Day in the Life of a Successful Real Estate Investor

I got this email from one of our investors, Mike Kleinstub of Dallas, TX, and I just HAD to share it with you – it really is an incredible story! It is a testament to how setting up your business with the proper systems and tools can lead to a life you’ve only dreamed of!

Here’s Mike’s story of one work day this week, in his own words.

"Ok, so here was my day. I can tell you without hooking up with SREC it was never have even entered my mind as a possibility.

I woke up at 7:15am. I drove to my NEW Dallas office, with my dog, of course. I had someone at the office to sign up a new short sale at 8am. I then left at 8:35 for the airport. I flew to Austin where I landed at 10:30am, had someone pick me and take me to First American Title, where I bought a house I never saw. I paid $42,000 for the house. Five minutes later I sold it to a man I had never met until closing. He paid $64,500 for the house.

Ten minutes later I had a second closing on a house that was in Lubbock Texas. I had paid $16,500 for it. Since I was not able to be in Lubbock for the closing, they emailed the closing docs and the Austin title company let me sign there, and I then Fed-Ex’d the documents back to Lubbock. My profit on this deal was $46,000!

So today I signed up a short sale, bought two properties and sold two properties. I made $71,000... and had the money wired to my accounts.

I flew back to Dallas and had two more short sales sitting on my desk when I returned.

I left the office with my dog, came back to my new place in Dallas to enjoy dinner with my wife. Now I’m sitting on the couch watching the NBA playoffs.

What a day!

Thanks to SREC, it’s possible to live your dream…"

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