A Testament to Your Real Estate Investing Success

A lot of real estate guys will sell you information and books. SREC will actually teach you how to develop and take your business to a level where the owner does not have to be present – real freedom! ~ Doug Till

We’ve all relied on them at some point, or checked them out to see what others are saying about a company, a service or a product. We weigh the good ones against the bad ones, try to figure out which ones were written by employees or relatives, and reach our own conclusions based on what we uncover. They often can make a difference in whether we decide to crack open our wallet or not. What am I referring to? Testimonials.

Whether you like them or not, testimonials are a cornerstone of building your referral business. They are a way to let people know how your business is run, how you deal with other people, how you handle tough situations and how others perceive your company, service or product. In your real estate investing business, it’s so important to gather testimonials from people you have helped – be it buyers, sellers, brokers or agents. Good testimonials will make a client more receptive to working with you.

If you haven’t already, start building your testimonial library now. You want them to portray you as a problem-solver or solution-finder; someone who is caring and is someone that the client would trust to solve their problem. It’s easy to start gathering testimonials. When you get a favorable agreement, before closing, ask if everything is going as expected. Most times people will agree to provide a testimonial if you ask, and if you’re willing to do the work. That means getting their statement either in writing, on video or on audio – however they’re most comfortable. Make sure they also agree to let you use their statement in your marketing materials.

There are four types of testimonials you will need to gather:

  1. To prove a sales point – This type of testimonial will back up something you claim to do in your business.
  2. To overcome objections – Determine common objections you hear, and gather testimonials supporting your actions (ex., helping someone avoid foreclosure).
  3. To pre-sell you – Prospective clients can hear, from other people, how you are trustworthy, honest, ethical and supportive during a difficult time – someone who helped solve a looming problem. That will always work to your benefit.
  4. To support marketing claims – Determine what you want people to know about your business, and seek out testimonials supporting those claims.

Once you have your testimonials, don’t be afraid to use them everywhere – in your credibility kit, marketing materials, advertisements, presentation kit, Web site, and so one. Also have some available as a leave-behind. Having solid, enthusiastic testimonials is an awesome way to get extra business and stay ahead of the competition. Take the first step to building your investing business by registering to become a Real Estate Rebel today.

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