Announcing Josh Cantwell and Jeff Watson LIVE Event

Jeff Watson says "Thank You." Jeff did an open training webinar Monday night, had 238 comments on his blog and Facebook and also let the cat out of the bag. He has trouble keeping his mouth shut sometimes. I guess I should have expected it. He does talk in court all day for a living and he likes to argue his point so he's tough to keep quite.

 Anyway... here's the big news: YES! Jeff and I are doing a live event.

 Click here to get the details and register now.

 As you probably know I almost NEVER do live "public" events -- just do small intimate coaching events for my high-end Platinum coaching students. Now, I just did a "live public event" In January called the World Short Sale Main Event II. So why am I doing another one so quickly?

 Here's the deal...

 I've partnered up with, the largest and most visited Website for real estate investors. They have thousands of people who visit their site every day looking for TOP NOTCH foreclosure training. They asked me to bring it to their visitors.

 So we partnered up to create the best foreclosure training on the planet. We've taken their best stuff and my best stuff and created foreclosure investing systems and an event in May that is designed to make you a money making machine in just 72 hours. Look, I had really never planned to do another public event this year (they are a lot of work) but REICLUB and I have a ton of brand new information that's so dynamic that frankly...  I have to get it to you so you can use it to make money now.

 So, I'll be doing a live event with my friend Jeff Watson - America's Top Short Sale Lawyer, May 14-16th in Dallas Texas. My team of "heavy hitter" coaches will be there too.

 Click here to see the details.

 This is NOT a pitch fest!

 Just Watson, me and my coaches and staff for 3 full days sharing what's working RIGHT NOW in a 6- and 7-figure foreclosure investing business. You will leave Dallas with a mastery of foreclosure investing in a single weekend.

 I'm talking about learning my 56 Wholesaling Secrets, Mega Media Marketing, becoming a Rehabbing Rebel, Short Sale Systems, Cash Buyer's Systems, how to Shake the Money Tree to fund your deals and tons more. All live!

 I hope you see how important it is that you attend if there is any way possible you can.

 See you in Dallas!

 Josh Cantwell

 P.S. We will sell-out! We reserved a room a little smaller than normal because I am releasing so much new information I wanted to release it to an exclusive group. You'll want to be a part of this exclusive group, so register today.

 P.P.S. If you really want to be a foreclosure investing expert in just 72 hours, this may be the only chance you'll ever have. Go now!

 P.P.S.S. The economy is not good and the only way for you to get ahead is to "create your own economy." The information I will be releasing will position you to take care of yourself and your family financially, regardless of what's going on out there.

 P.P.S.S.S. Platinum Coaching students and above need to make plans to stay an extra two days for the super juicy mastermind stuff.

 Click here to get the details and register today for the Foreclosure Academy.

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