Are some elements of short sales bringing you down?

Are some elements of short sales bringing you down? Are you tired of paying transfer taxes on your A to B sale? Are you tired of not being able to sell to FHA buyers? Are you tired of additional liens attaching to the real property?

Do you wish there was an easier way?

Well, let me tell you, there is!

We have developed a system where a revocable living trust when used along with an option to purchase the real property can avoid many of the pitfalls with short sale transactions.

No, it won’t get you a faster acceptance from the lenders. We wish we could solve this problem. Once you have an acceptance from the lender and an offer from a qualified buyer, you will be able to close the deal, even if your buyer wants a FHA mortgage!

Yes, it will work in Texas, New York and even California.

We have developed this system over the past 6 years and we use it every day in our short sale business in Michigan.

We have to warn you, it isn’t simple. This is short sale applications at the graduate level. You will need to pay close attention to learn how to use it properly. That’s why we are going to offer it in a special launch October 12 and 13 in East Lansing, Michigan. We will spend two full days teaching you how to use the revocable living trust stealth option dove tail system, including how to explain it to realtors and to title companies. As an added bonus, we have included specialty documents we use in our short sale transactions such as a non HUD 1 settlement statement, verbiage to use when countering offers and limit your liability and an affidavit of final sales price. We will review all aspects of trusts as they pertain to the short sale business and go through the legal documentation necessary.

Just pay $500 to cover the costs of the meeting room, documentation and equipment rental. Join us at the East Lansing Marriott on Oct 12 and 13.

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