Are You Fighting 4 Your Independence?

Happy 4th of July Everyone!

As we celebrate our country’s independence, what are YOU doing to fight for YOUR own independence?

Are you really F*R*E*E in your business and your personal life?

Or are you burdened with tedious tasks and marketing that’s not working hard enough for you?

Do you have enough deals in your pipeline?

Do you have time to enjoy doing EXACTLY what you want to be doing in your life?

We have the answer, and it’s a super-powerful bundle.

Here’s what you have to do immediately:

1.     Sign up for SellPoint – a totally F*R*E*E system that markets your houses online for you – freeing you up to focus on the things that make you money.

2.     Look for the Weekly Real Estate Kick-Off email on Tuesday. Not only will you get the latest news for the week, but I’m going to include a link to a Thursday night Webinar that focuses on the secret project code named “SREC Automator” which will streamline your short sale business completely.

3.     Get ready for SIMS 2.0… and learn how to boost your online presence and your marketing activities to new heights! More on that soon…


It’s going to be an exciting week, and gaining your independence is a fantastic way to kick it off.

Don’t forget, be one of the 25,000+ who have jumped on the SellPoint train right away! Get it now and be ready for Tuesday.



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