Article Syndication Increases Your Website's Effectiveness 38%

I was thinking of you this morning. I thought you could use some ideas on Web site optimization and driving leads to your Web sites online.

One way that you probably haven’t thought about is ARTICLE SUBMISSION. Maybe you thought it wasn’t effective. Maybe you don’t have time. Maybe you don’t have Web sites. Shame on you!

One of my favorite strategies for driving online traffic to my Web sites is article syndication.

Here’s how it works. Google loves links back to your sites. Each link back to your site is like a democratic vote of “YES” that tells Google and other search engines that your site is useful to the person who’s surfing the net.

So how do you get links to your Web site? Well, you can hope that someone else likes your site and writes a blog post, social media post or forum post and links back to your site, OR you can drive the links back your site on your own.

I prefer the later. Check out my articles.

I do it because Google and other search engines then rank my site higher and it comes up on PAGE ONE more often when people are searching for short sale, foreclosure and house buying/selling information.

I also love it because I don’t write the articles. THIS IS KEY. What I do is record audio MP3 files of my best ideas and I delegate and automate the process by having a writer from ELANCE actually write and produce the article and submit it to the article sites.

So it’s easy. I record audio. My writer creates the articles. I approve them. My writer syndicates the articles to the article sites. I get links back to my most important sites. I get leads.

Here’s the kicker. The writer charges me……Drum roll please………TEN DOLLARS PER ARTICLE. That’s it.

I was able to set this up in less than one week and it’s been automated for over a year.

In fact I have over 68 articles syndicated on just one article platform, plus a bunch of other platforms. I have over 10,000 views of my articles just on HUBPAGES that have resulted in over 1,000 leads, and I spent all of about 10 – 15 TOTAL HOURS doing this since 2008.

So here’s what I want you to do.

Click on this link to see the article site I use the most, HUBPAGES, and become a fan. While you are there you can read some of my most popular and highest rated articles that have been featured in the HUBPAGES community. There’s an incredible amount of FR’EE content just waiting for you to eat up.

This is the first time I have even mentioned this to you since I started. So, all 10,000+ views and 1,000+ leads are completely organic, FR’EE leads. Check out the site now so you can get started doing this too.  

The articles are all like little free reports that I could charge for. There’s great insights on how to negotiate with 2nd mortgages, tax liens, bailouts, how to build your power team, developing a credibility kit, and how to work with centers of influence, and pmi.

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