At 12noon EST today grab one of the few remaining SUPER BONUS PACKAGES

Josh here,

After our launch last week we had to take time to process all the orders and the applications. Bad news is some were declined for the finance option. Good news is... and a handful of others will have another chance today at 12noon EST, when GOES BACK ONLINE, to BUY UP the 8, maybe 9, SUPER BONUS PACKAGES that are left.

Go to right now to claim one the last few remaining seats for the ONLY Short Sale Event you need to attend this year to stay on the cutting-edge of one of the hottest real estate investing strategies to come along in years.

You do not want to miss this event. Here are a few reasons why:

#1 – We will have an expert panel that will discuss all the most current techniques for short sale investing – OTHER GURU’s are coming and want to see what we are doing. We’ll turn this into a BONUS session for you. We will duck tape them to their chair and make them tell you all their secrets right along with ours.

#2 – We will have Jerami King there – a senior, management-level loss mitigator for a national mortgage lender will be there to unveil the most current lender protocols for negotiating short sales. There’s no better way to know how to get those huge discounts than to understand what the actual lenders are doing on the other side of the phone.

#3 – We are taking all the attendees to a Cleveland Indians Game – Do not miss out on your chance to network with other successful investors from all over the country – and see the Tribe bring home a winner.

#4 – We will be training on The Property Launch Formula – a secret technique for selling your properties in any market.

#5 – You will get one of the last spots that will include all the Bonuses. Once they are sold out then they are gone baby gone. Many others will make last minute decisions to come to the event but they won’t get the bonuses. Do not be that person! Make the commitment NOW and we’ll reward you for taking action!

See you in Cleveland May 27th thru the 31st at...


I almost forgot. Check out THE VIDEO BELOW that I recorded with Watson. This is a case study of a deal we just closed two weeks ago. We made over 30k + on it. The video is hilarious and will walk you thru one of our latest closings. It was a deal we closed using the option method and satisfied the end buyer’s seasoning requirements. Believe me this deal was so easy to close I am positive you can do it too.

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