[Best News Ever] All the funding you need for all the deals you want

I just put up a new video on the Freedom Funding Blog.


Have you enjoyed the 2 previous videos we put up?

There's over 1,000 comments on the blog so I figured someone has to be enjoying it....

The video is called "Asset Based Lending." When you watch it you'll learn how we lend and partner with students who put no money down and have banged up credit.

The reason it's important for you to watch is as an "Asset Based Lender" we care more about the property's merits than anything else. We care mostly about the numbers. We also don't consider your credit, recent foreclosure or bankruptcy a major determining factor in making a loan / investment with you.

So you need to see this discussion I did with Brian, my partner and president of Strategic Freedom Funding.

He explains what "asset based lending" is and why it's so crucial to your success flipping houses and building equity.


P.S. Can I tell you a crazy little story? I'll go quick.

- Chapter 1: 3 years ago I have major surgery for pancreatic cancer
- Chapter 2: Surgeon performs 10 hour surgery on me
- Chapter 3: I wake up (sort of important)
- Chapter 4: Surgeon saves my life (wife is happy about that one)
- Chapter 5: 4 months later I'm capable of going back to work (wife is happy about that to)
- Chapter 6: Making money fast is a top priority
- Chapter 7: I realize if I have all the funding I need for deals I Want, I can re-create my own financial future
- Chapter 8: I raise more money than I could possibly use over the past 2 years using an intrastate offering and a 506b Federal SEC "REG D" offering.
- Chapter 9: We get nearly $10 million in capital commitments in the past 60 days
- Chapter 10: I launch a funding company that funds my students deals for them....No money down...100% financing.
- Chapter 11: Everyone's Happy!
- That's been my life over the past 2 1/2 years. Wild isn't it.
- And that's where we stand today.....
- Do you want to be my acquisitions partner, get funded and be part of the next chapter?

I need you to bring me deals as my acquisitions partner so I can deploy all this extra capital. Win - win.

Can you help me? Want in?

Check the "asset based lending" video to find out how.

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