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Pay Less Taxes with High Level Tax Depreciation Strategies

“I love paying more taxes”…..
Said no one. Ever.
See high-level tax depreciation strategies with national cost segregation expert Yonah Weiss.
Yonah even has a strategy for using real estate losses to offset W-2 taxes…
A major win for doctors, lawyers, and other high earners.

4 Strategies for Personal Freedom Today

Successful real estate entrepreneurs know it’s not about the money.
It’s not.
It’s about the relentless pursuit of personal freedom. Whether you are already an entrepreneur, or you still have a 9-5, I’ve got four suggestions forhelping you carve out some personal freedom from your life right now.

The Power of a Mentor for New Investors

Get totally inspired by new investor and former window washer Zack Boothe. An investor since 2017, he’s already blown through his goal of $1 million a year all on the strength of his hustle, and a little luck.

Grow an 8 Figure Business Without Sacrificing Your Personal Life

Scaling a business up to eight figures sounds amazing, but many entrepreneurs get trapped at the $5 million mark.
See how entrepreneurial coach Alex Charfen teaches business owners how to create a business system that allows them to finally step outside the business and reinvest in themselves.
Using only a piece of paper.

Fraud Prevention for Business & Digital Assets

If the idea of a lawsuit sends shivers down your spine, that should be your sign that you’re not
adequately prepared for frivolous lawsuits. Prevent fraud, protect your assets, and keep more of
what’s yours when you follow the advice of attorney and real estate guru Garrett Sutton.
As the author of Scam Proof Your Business and the owner of Corporate Direct, Garrett helps
business owners and entrepreneurs form airtight LLCs in business-friendly states.

Investing on the Strength of Your Reputation

When a bank shuts down your $50 million credit line, what can you do?
Turn to the strength of your reputation.
Flipping Boston star Dave Seymour started raising capital and investing on his own when he realized that investors who controlled their own capital controlled their own destiny.

Family Focused Passive Real Estate Investing

Do you have to sacrifice your family life to build a business? Adam Adams’ path to 1400 cash-flowing multifamily units and 7 joint syndications says “No!”. See how he built a better team, a better business, and a better family life focusing on the life he wanted first.

Attracting Passive Capital for Bigger Deals

Are you ready to raise more money this year? 

Adam Adams, aka “Triple A” uses the same 3 pillars that I do to raise passive capital for multifamily syndications.
Read how Facebook, a podcast, and real estate seminars can create a reputation that can raise $2 million for an investor in only 72 hours.

How the Invisible Foreclosure Inventory Affects the 2021 Housing Market

At some point, the mortgages that are in default because of the pandemic will have to true up their past balances, or they’ll be foreclosed on. With banks setting aside $29 billion in preparation for these potential losses, there’s no getting around that the coming foreclosures are going to have a big impact on the housing market. Daren Blomquist from lays out what he’s seeing and his predictions for how the next two years might play out. Don’t miss my personal recommendation for how you can position yourself to ride this wave to higher ground.

Micro- and Macro-Level 2020 Housing Trends

Ignore the rumors, hunches, and gut feelings from media talking heads. Turn to real-world data with Daren Blomquist from for short-term and long-term trends in the housing market that can help guide your investment strategy for the next year.