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7 Strategies of Motivated Seller Marketing

One of the top questions I get asked, as a professional in the real estate investing industry, is “How do you find motivated seller leads – and persuade them to sell to you?” Let me tell you: it’s a fine-tuned process that has taken years to develop. But, now that I have systems and procedures…  Continue Reading

The Vision of an Entrepreneur with Kevin Harrington

A few months ago, I had the awesome opportunity to speak with none other than Kevin Harrington, one of the original Shark Tank judges, inventor of the infomercial and the As Seen on TV pioneer. We talked about the awesome opportunities we both see in real estate investing, what he looks for when providing funding,…  Continue Reading

How to Become a Real Estate Engineer

Why do so many people FAIL in real estate investing? I’ll tell you: They don’t think outside the box. They compete with other people for common real estate deals, maybe on the MLS, or for foreclosures, or for Zillow properties… Who isn’t trying to buy cheap foreclosures? That’s definitely one successful strategy, but that can’t…  Continue Reading

How to Rehab a House in 6 Easy Steps

Let’s get back to real estate investing basics for a minute here – what is your game plan when you purchase an investment property to rehab and sell? Are you just a wholesaler and looking to get into the bigger profit deals? If you aren’t sure exactly where to start, here is our simple 6…  Continue Reading

5 Steps to Creating Your Own Off-Market Lists

When it comes to creating a list of motivated sellers, the more unique you can make your list—the better. In the competitive world of real estate investing, a list that is highly specific to your needs and goals will get you much better leads that help you boost your business. So, what does it take…  Continue Reading

Simplify, Accelerate and Automate

Over the last 13 years as a real estate investor, coach and national speaker, I’ve discovered that THE key ingredient to being successful in real estate (or any business for that matter) is SPEED. It’s the ability to find deals fast, evaluate deals fast, get comps fast, close deals fast, decide on an exit strategy…  Continue Reading

Buying Contracts, Clauses and Assignments

As real estate investors, we all want the buying or selling process to be smooth sailing… And that’s most likely to happen if you have a good understanding of what goes on through each step of a real estate deal. So, let’s take a high-level view of contracts and purchase agreements to get a clear…  Continue Reading

Don’t Jack Up Your Fix-Up

There’s a moment at the end of home reno reality shows when the homeowner sees the finished project for the first time. Usually, someone cries, at least a little. And sometimes, it’s because that remodel is an epic fail. As a real estate investor, you don’t want to ugly cry on the job site. Really,…  Continue Reading

Building Your Rockstar Real Estate Dream Team

You’re familiar with the saying, “It takes a village…” Well, in the world of real estate investing (REI), it doesn’t take a village—but it does take a dream team—to build a successful, growing and thriving company. So, how do you go about building your rockstar real estate dream team? And where do you look for…  Continue Reading

6 Tips for Pre-Screening and Negotiating with Sellers

Today I want to talk with you about something that’s super-important to your real estate investing… but something that might not get as much attention as it should. And while there’s a big trend in doing deals with off-market properties, these key 6 tips I’m about to share with you apply to just about any…  Continue Reading