boatloads of capital // no money down // 100% financing

Ironic isn't it?

The largest institutions in the WORLD caused the financial melt down of 2008 by lending to anyone who could fog a mirror...

And now there's great investment properties on every block due to all their foreclosures...

BUT....the biggest conventional lenders in the world won't lend to investors like us..... even on the best deals well below fair market value.... even though the banks have boatloads of capital just sitting there.

It's a's caused a lot of unnecessary issues for real estate investors.

Issues like:

  • Conventional lenders won't loan when a property needs any repairs at all...even peeling paint
  • Banks only lend on the purchase price and want you to put 20% down
  • Banks won't lend you money for repairs
  • Hard money lenders want a 680 credit score
  • Transactional funders only fund for 1 day
  • Realtors won't take you serious unless you can get financing.... which traditional banks won't give you
  • Sellers won't take you seriously unless you have a proof of funds....again which banks won't give you
  • Which makes you afraid to make offers since you don't have access to capital...again which the banks won't give you....which all sucks...big time.
  • Your stuck.....(sort of...solution at the bottom of this email....)

The BANKS ARE A PROBLEM. A big problem.

Its almost like they want us to hate them. Do they want to be enemies with us?

I'm so upset about it I put together this video about it just so I could vent and call it like it is.

Watch this video: The Banks Are The Enemy

I'm pretty upset about it actually. So upset I figured I'd just become the bank and make up my own rules....and that's exactly what I've done.

More to come....for now check out "The Banks are the Enemy" video so you can see where I'm coming from.

Strategic Freedom Funding
First Freedom Capital

P.S. Hey....just curious.... what if there was a lender who would partner with you on your deals strictly based on the asset (the property)...... and that lender would give you a verifiable proof of funds...and review your deals before you even made an offer....and would offer you 100% funding for the purchase price....and you could acquire these investment properties with no money down....

Would that help?

Check out this "Banks are the enemy" video and let me know.

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