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 Over the past 3 years I’ve had hundreds of people ask me to personally coach them on building their real estate business. They ask me what they need to do to grow their business to the million dollar level.

That’s a great goal. A million dollars a year. BUT is that really what they want? Do they really want a million dollars OR do they want something else. What I have found is that they really want what the million dollars buys them, NOT THE ACTUAL CASH.

I’ve created a video training for you called “Business & Lifestyle Design”. It's right here on the blog.

What does a million dollars a year buy exactly?

A luxury house on the water….A yacht….A Maserati…A closet full of expensive clothes.


Does it buy peace of mind, happiness, security, and a sense of accomplishment?

Well, I say it buys BOTH. Sure a million dollars a year buys toys and fun, cool stuff AND it buys a sense of accomplishment, security, and peace of mind too.

BUT, only if it’s done the right way. I see investors who bust their butts and work 60-80 hours a week and make a lot of money and have no life. I see investors who make much less who are able to enjoy their business and their lifestyle at the same time, and don’t kill themselves slaving to get there.

So I ask you….why don’t more people have both?

I’ve created a video training for you on the exact 6 Steps that it takes to design your ideal business AND lifestyle at the same time. It’s up on the blog.

Go watch it now. Once you are done I want you to leave a comment about what you think it takes to design your ideal real estate business and lifestyle at the same time…..and let me know what’s holding you back so my team and I can help you get there.

Watson Webinar on Monday!

After you’ve watched the video, be sure to sign up for Jeff Watson’s Webinar on Monday night – June 7 – at 8:00pm EDT – Register here.

On Monday night at 8:00pm EDT, you will have a RARE OPPORTUNITY to spend some quality time with Jeff Watson – widely considered THE expert in the area of short sale law.

Jeff doesn’t do open calls with the public very often – in fact, this is only his second one this year.

You DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS… Believe me, these calls are AWESOME.  

Here’s a sneak peek at what Jeff is going to cover on the call:

  • Jeff is going to tackle ANY short sale-related question that is asked. He is a gutsy one! Few people in this business are willing to do that, but Jeff will take on the challenge.
  • Jeff received tons of inquiries, emails and questions on the theme, “So and so said that this is illegal.” He’s going to address this constant theme that shows up in chain emails, rumors and gossip.
  • The most recent amendments to the HAFA program – this you definitely don’t want to miss.
  • For the FIRST TIME EVER… Jeff is going to share a BRAND NEW BPO NEGOTIATING TACTIC strategy that has never before existed. Jeff only came across this in the last few weeks, and really, no one else is talking about it yet. You’ll be among the first to hear it.
  • LIVE Q&A – While Jeff has some information that he needs to get out there for you, he’s going to take your questions LIVE.

Keep one thing in mind. Jeff is going to give good answers to your questions, but he is going to protect the best interests and proprietary information that is reserved for the SREC Coaching students. His top-notch information is reserved for the Coaches that Jeff has personally trained, so he will respect that commitment.

If, after taking part on this call and realizing the gold mine of information that is available, you want to join the SREC coaching program, you’ll learn how to do that, too.

Click here to register for the call on Monday, June 7 at 8:00pm EDT.

Don’t forget, that’s Monday at 8:00pm EDT.

Spaces are limited and will fill up fast so don’t wait until Monday morning to register… DO IT NOW!  Last time we ran out of ports!

Register now.

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