Can Cornbread Stave Off Foreclosure?

The housing crisis is making a lot of people desperate to save their homes and ward off foreclosure, and some people are getting really innovative.

Rather than rolling over and letting the banks take their homes, they’re taking up the fight on their own. People are turning to others for help – in exchange for things like cornbread or apple cakes. A tough job market has forced many people to get creative and fight back. By raising cash from selling recipies, representing themselves in court and doing whatever necessary, many homeowners are not going away quietly. Take Beverly Davis, a Georgia homeowner who is counting on her cornbread recipie to save her home from foreclosure. After losing her full-time job and going through a series of short-lived part-time jobs, Davis is hoping to sell enough cornbread to raise the $80,000 needed to save her home. It’s a daunting task, but one she’s not afraid to take on. Davis sells her cornbread via the Web, and gained her inspiration from a New Jersey woman who saved her home from foreclosure and qualified for a loan modification by selling apple cakes.

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