Cantwell’s email **temporarily** hijacked (Let’s have some fun!)

Mike Gleba here.

I’m Josh’s right hand man at Strategic Real Estate Coach.

He’s on vacation this week so I hijacked his email. (Shhh…)

He just celebrated his birthday the other day and I wanted to surprise him with something cool before he gets back into the office.

But I need your help.

This week (while Josh is away) I’m running a **SECRET** contest for SREC subscribers.

I’m giving away some CRAZY prizes you can win. (Including a chance to win our newly released GUMM coaching, a spot into our high level mentoring program, and other cool fun stuff.)

I shot a video for you giving you all the details :

There’s no cost to enter, no strings attached. You’ve just got to take action before Josh gets back this week. (So Hurry!)

This is going to be fun… and you’ll win some KILLER stuff.

Talk soon,


P.S. (Don’t tell Josh about this!)

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