Champions Of Short Sales – Funding Deals Quick and Easy

Champions Of Short Sales Training Series Continues Tonight (March 9th at 9pm EST)…

Part V (and the final webinar): “Closings and how to fund flips using none of your own money or credit”

As always, space is limited. Register now…

We’re on our last training for the Champions of Short Sales and I’m sure you’d agree there’s been some awesome information revealed on these calls.

Tonight I’ll be interviewing Jason Medley of IVisionary Financial. Jason is a Masters Elite coaching student and an active investor who manages about 40-50 deals at any one time.

He also funds deals for my students across the US.

He’ll be sharing information on how to make No Money Down Short Sales possible.

Your income, assets, and employment don’t matter… you’ll discover how you can fund your deals no matter what situation you’re in.

Zero in your bank account. 500 credit score. Recent bankruptcy. NO worries.

Register for tomorrow night’s webinar now…

You’ll find out how transactional funding for short sales works, step by step.

If you want to learn how you can borrow money to flip your deals regardless of income, credit, or assets then make sure to register for this call.

Space is filling up FAST.

See you tonight!
- Josh Cantwell

P.S. Tonight at midnight I close applications for my Platinum and Diamond Coaching groups. These programs are high level and very exclusive. If you want personalized one-on-one coaching for your short sales business, check it out…

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