Check Out This Contest Video Submission!

This great video is Mike "Stubby" Kleinstub's submission to Strategic Real Estate Coach's Building Lifestyle and Design contest. Mike did a great job of describing his life before and after SREC and where he plans on taking his business in the future. If he wins the contest he will win his very one 2011 Harley Davidson.

The BLD contest is all about building a business that give you the lifestyle that you desire. The Short Sale Business is booming as the economy gets weaker. In fact this fall with all of the Option ARM, ALT-A, and Commercial resets coming due, we feel that we are in the eye of the hurricane right now. We haven't even begun to clean up the Sub-Prime mess.

The best thing about the Short Sale Business for investors is that it is just difficult enough to keep the average investor out of it. This means a growing market of foreclosed properties + few investors to take advantage of the market = HUGE MONEY!

Enjoy the video and a quick reminder that all videos must be in by no later than July 1st!

-Chris Duane Director of Operations SREC

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