Close a Sale Every Time: Have a Pre-Call Checklist

Having a checklist secures that you are all set to sell in an expertly coordinated fashion. Using a pre-call checklist also helps you keep you mind confidently fixed on closing the deal, rather than feeling unprepared and doubtful. Lacking preparation and a check list will cost you sales that could have ended successfully.

Here are important things your checklist should include:

  • A Power Point
  • Have a few notes on what your opinions of the customers are. This helps differentiate clients and in keeping track of the ones that are your prime leads because after a while appointments may start to run together in your mind.
  • A Presentation Booklet
  • A Simple Calculator
  • A Camera
  • Locations and available hours of local notaries
  • A Property File which should include: the property’s sales history, tax data, and five to ten comps (have two that are active, two that have been sold, and two that are currently listed).
  • Have a list of the short sale documents that you will be needing from them like tax returns, bank statements, mortgage statements, and such.
  • A Property Info draft that you may have filled out on the phone.
  • All the paperwork that you will need to close the contract, like an affidavit, bill of state, P&S agreement, and notice of option.
  • Tax values
  • Directions to the house
  • Tools for approximating how much rehab will cost.
  • Testimonials
  • Proof of your credibility
  • Prior MLS listings of the property, which should also include pictures.
  • Media coverage of the Real Estate trends in that area.
  • Supply and Demand data

Laws differ in some states, which may have an affect on what you will need. Generally, the items you will need for any pre-call checklist remain about the same, though.

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