Close the Deal

Review each section of the contract ahead of time, and then prepare a clear summary of each section. This is vital for a successful close. You don’t want them to back out because of a typo or a section they don’t fully understand. Everything should be explained with a smooth, calm tone. Also, don’t skip any paragraphs. This might cause them to become unnecessarily suspicious.

One of the sections in the contract will be about what all is included concerning what you’re buying as far as contents of the house. You will probably have a list of appliances and other things you’ve encompassed in buying the house. Read through everything you’ve included in this section with them as if you were reading the morning newspaper. Keeping your tone mundane will help notify them that everything you are including in the contract is customary to include when buying a house. If they don’t object as you’re going over this part, then they are letting all of these items be included in your purchase. If they protest including any of these items, slightly flinch with minor shock and explain to them that these sales normally include such items, therefore you just assumed. If they don’t give in, you can always have them reduce your buying price a bit.

After carefully going through all of the details in the contract, give them a pen. Show them where to sign, and then wait. Do not say a word until they have signed the contract, unless they make an objection. It could feel like an eternal forty seconds. You’ll be enticed to cut through the tension, but don’t. Just wait.

Once they have finally signed, take a bit of time to make sure they know everything that will be happening next and when you are going to get in touch with them. Keep them informed. You don’t want to leave any room for doubt in their mind about what just occurred. Otherwise, they may find a reason to back out.

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