Commercial Foreclosure Sneak Peek Sunday May 9

After last night’s commercial foreclosure Q&A Webinar, there’s been a TON of BUZZ about this new investing opportunity: It’s really going to be AMAZING.

But I have to tell you this – you will NOT want to miss what’s coming next:

I just heard that DC and Karen will be offering the opportunity to partner with them on Tuesday, May 11 at Noon EDT. If I were you, I would be at my computer at that time because spots are going to fill up VERY Fast.

To really get you ready, they’ve scheduled a “Sneak Peak” Webinar on Sunday night, May 9 at 8:00pm and 11:00pm EDT.

Register for the Webinar here:  

They’re going to pull back the curtains to reveal the systems that the pros are using to cash in on commercial foreclosures and short sales.

They’re holding nothing back, pulling no punches, and giving you the RAW truth about what it takes to bring home the BIG BUCKS in commercial foreclosures and short sales, using none of your own money or credit.

The number of slots in the Webinar is limited so make sure you register early.

One lucky participant will win a HUGE one-time opportunity on this Webinar: to go on a LIVE, In-Person VIP Property Tour with them, to show you how they locate and acquire commercial foreclosures.

This is a one-time thing they’re doing on this Webinar and if you’re not logged in, you will lose out on any chances of getting on that LIVE VIP Property Tour.

I’ll be on the Webinar and I hope you’ll be joining me!


PS: Hold on… it gets even better. DC and Karen are giving away an Goldrush Elite Membership on the webinar Sunday night. If you win the drawing, you’ll be able to get into their program for FREE and you get:

  • Access to partner with them on your commercial deals
  • They will fund your deals for you
  • They will negotiate your commercial short sales for you.
  • You’ll be a VIP at their 4-day live, in-person training 

All you have to do to get a chance to win is register and show up for the webinar Sunday night.

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