Do You Have Boundless Curiosity?

A noticeable attribute of anyone in my Master’s Elite coaching program -- our best of the best -- is their boundless curiosity. They are always in a position of learning. They avoid coming across as a know-it-all expert, busy telling everyone their business. Experts tend to "pontificate" not from success, but from insecurity. You must always be in a position of "What can I learn from this person?" or "How can I perceive the problem from their perspective?" because that will give you an edge. Again, the minute you think you're an expert on something and your ego comes out, then you're at the tail-end of your experience. Why? You stop seeing, stop listening and stop learning; therefore, you stop growing. You need to be able to see new opportunities so that you can react immediately. If you believe that you have all the answers, that overconfidence will ultimately jeopardize your business. You'll become closed off to the changes in the mark et around you, as you'll care more about being right than being successful.

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