Does Freddie Mac Have Schizophrenia? Find Out Today at 1pm

Just a reminder about our URGENT LEGAL TRAINING WEBINAR THIS AFTERNOON, TUESDAY, APRIL 20 at 1:00pm EDT with me, Josh Cantwell and America’s Top Short Sale Lawyer, Jeff Watson.

I urge each of you to attend and register for the call here, because you need to know this information for the success of your short sale business. 

When Freddie Mac released a newsletter last Friday raising the question of the viability and legality of back-to-back short sale flips, it makes you wonder whether they’re suffering from bi-polar disorder.

What they’re saying now, in April 2010 is completely contradictory to what they said in October 2009!

It is imperative that you attend this Webinar. You will learn our thoughts on the Freddie Mac announcement now.

Register immediately by clicking here and I’ll look forward to speaking with you at 1:00pm EDT.


Josh and Jeff

P.S. the real estate business changes almost monthly so staying ahead of the curve is imperative to your success. This will be the most important thing you do this week.

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