Does Investing in Real Estate Scare You to Death?

Well, buck up, Nancy, and learn how easy investing in real estate can be.

Investing in Real Estate

Shaking in your shoes at the idea of investing in real estate?

There are haunted houses full of the ghosts of people who tried to make money investing in real estate and failed. But there are growing numbers of people who didn’t know any more about investing in real estate than you do, maybe a lot less, who are now making millions at it. How did they do it? The answer might surprise you. Through trial and error one successful real estate investor stumbled onto a system in which he was able to find and purchase discounted properties without using any of his own cash or credit. Loads of them. Over time he perfected his system and today he’s making a high six-figure yearly income investing in real estate – simply buying and flipping houses. Think you can’t do the same? Think again. A monkey with a cell phone could do it… well, maybe. All you need to do is duplicate a proven, tried and true system available to anyone. Here are the basic steps involved:

  1. Establish relationships with private lenders. There are always private lenders who, for a slightly higher interest rate, will lend to people investing in real estate.
  1. Buy bank foreclosures and fix them up. You don’t need to buy beat up wrecks in the ghetto. There are loads of foreclosed homes selling in upscale areas across the US.
  1. Hand off all repairs to your contractor. Find good, honest, inexpensive contractors in your area and let them do all the repairs and upgrades.
  1. Let your realtor run the property launch and sell the properties for you. Again, simply establish relationships with honest realtors who know their stuff.
  1. Let your title company handle all financial and closing details. Establish a relationship with a reputable title company and work with them exclusively.

Stop scaring yourself silly and consider making a bundle investing in real estate.

You can get step-by-step training on flipping homes by joining the next 40K Flips class. Find out more about investing in real estate here:

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