DOLT sent a JOLT!

By Jeff Watson:

Death of the Land Trust (D.O.L.T.) sent a jolt through the industry.

On April 10, 2008 Josh Cantwell and I did an industry
changing call
where we talked about the Death of the
Land Trust in short sales.

Comments and posts in the SREC blog are only the tip
of the iceberg. Real estate forums throughout the
nation have been buzzing with this subject.
In fact,
other real estate gurus have been doing conference calls
and other events discussing the Death of the Land Trust
in short sales and we have been flooded with questions
regarding the option contract.

Josh and I have decided that we will do a second call
focusing on Death of the Land Trust and explaining the
option contract.
We will be getting into some of the
precise characteristics of the option contract such as
how it works, why it works, and what it does.

Registration for Tuesday's Death of the Land Trust
webinar will be posted here on Monday, so make
sure to come back and register.

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