Don’t Let Mold Scare You Away From A Great Profit Potential!

I’m back in another REO I just acquired… and it’s a short one because there’s a lot of mold in this house – we had to get out of there quick! This is an REO, we’re buying and fixing it up, and will relist it. It needs $5,000+ in mold remediation alone! But, it’s in a great neighborhood, there are not a lot of other houses for sale around it and it’s on nearly 1/2 acre of land. On this one, it’s all about the numbers.

We’ll have to take this one down to the studs – we’re not intimidated by the mold. We just get to work. This is another project that will result in huge profits for everyone, including our private investor. Our target profit on this one again is $40,000, and I walk you through the numbers.

Email and let us know how you want to lean about private lending.

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